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DATE Every Sunday
TIME 11:30-12:45PM followed by lunch at 1PM
LOCATION 2000 Las Gallinas Avenue, San Rafael, CA (meeting at Lucas Valley Community Church)
MESSAGE  Where We’re Going
SCRIPTURE Luke 16:19-31
SPEAKER Pastor Richard Ross


SERMON SERIES: “KINGDOM STORIES” – JUNE 17 – OCTOBER 28 One-third of Jesus’ teachings came in the form of parables aimed at revealing His life-transforming message to those with “ears to hear.” Join us as we discover afresh God’s purposes behind these powerful Kingdom stories.
NO LUNCH SERVICE TODAY  There will be no lunch service today, September 9th. LVCC has a church business meeting in the dining hall after service. Please respect their space and avoid entering that wing. Parking in the lot may be difficult, as LVCC expects a crowd for that meeting. Do take this opportunity to go to lunch with an MACC friend or family!
Men and women, come learn a powerful worship hula. Beginners welcomed! Class on Sundays @ 1:30-3PM and Fridays @ 6-7PM at LVCC.
JOIN THE W.O.R.D. (WORKING ON REFINING DISCIPLES) MINISTRY Exciting news! The men’s ministry has a new name and we’re putting together a couple of exciting events in upcoming months. If you haven’t received emails regarding the men’s ministry before and would like to hear about what we’re planning, get on the email list by contacting Jimmy Kim (jimmykim@marinchurch.org).
GROW: I THINK I KNOW WHO I AM! NOW WHAT? – SEPTEMBER 21 We’ve taken our Spiritual Gifts Assessments and know our personality types – now what?? Join us on Friday, September 21 from 7-9PM at Neely’s Home for a great night of exploration and discovery as we learn from Pastor Richard, an expert in Myers-Briggs. He will help us answer this question and teach us how to apply the things we’ve learned about ourselves to our everyday lives and to growing God’s Kingdom! Make sure to check out the newsletter that was sent for more details.

GROW: NEW FALL BOOK/DVD STUDY – SEPTEMBER 28 We invite the women of GROW to participate in our Fall Book/DVD Study! We will be reading the book, “Unexpected,” by Christine Caine, who will teach us that although life is inevitably filled with the unexpected, we can “leave fear behind, move forward in faith, and embrace the adventure.” We will be meeting 5 Fridays (7-9PM) from Sept. 28 – Nov. 2 at Neely’s Home. As a bonus, sign up by September 23 and receive a complimentary study guide! Be sure to check out the email that was sent out this past week for more details.

Cell: 202-768-4304  Email: lafamilia.ross@gmail.com
For more information on any of our upcoming events, please email us at info@marinchurch.org.