The Full-Time Associate Pastor will work alongside the lead pastor to shepherd and implement the mission and vision of the church. Specifically, the Associate Pastor will provide the infrastructure and team leadership that is needed to carry out our vision, primarily through coaching, leading, training, equipping and developing people to carry out the work of the ministry.
The Associate Pastor will have direct oversight of different ministry teams of the church. He will also handle some of the administrative duties as well as assisting the senior pastor with pastoral care as needed. The associate pastor will work to build teams of church members who will serve the church in the key areas of outreach using the gifts and abilities given them by God.
1. Outreach (25%)- leading people to Jesus. Moving people from visitors to members. Training church members in evangelism. This includes oversight of the outreach ministry and leadership of the people who serve on the various teams. 

a. Oversight of outreach events: planning events, recruiting teams, implementing the plan, promoting the event and church ministries

b. Oversight of the greeting/welcome teams: designing and implementing welcome strategy, recruiting and training teams

c. Oversight of visitor follow-up- designing visitor follow-up strategy, recruiting and training teams 
d. Oversight of creating and implementing a class for interested seekers to discover Jesus
e. Oversight of evangelism training: teaching and designing strategies to train church 
members in evangelism 
2. Organizational leadership (25%) – Planning, training, coaching and providing primary leadership for different ministry teams

3. Pastoral Ministry (25%)- assisting the lead pastor with discipleship, preaching, counseling, hospital visits and other pastoral duties as is necessary and time allows

4. Administration (25%)- assisting the church and lead pastor with the organizational administration duties of the church


1. Meet the biblical qualification for elders as outlined in 1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter

2. Hold a Masters of Divinity or equivalent from and evangelical institution
3. Be able to preach and teach effectively
4. Have experience in church ministries including any or all of these: evangelism, counseling, 
current outreach strategies, discipleship, recruiting/team building, administration
Please submit the following materials to
• Resume
• Theological Statement
• Personal Testimony/Calling
• Copy of a Sermon (Audio or video link)
For a PDF copy of this information, please click the following link: MACC Associate Pastor – Job Announcement.